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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Go-Busters Final Ep. Summaries

From RangerBoard:

Mission 48:
Title- Shikakerareteita Wana (Setting the Trap)
Airs- 1/27/2013

Hiromu has learned that he is Enter's Backup, and cannot hide his shock. As long as Hiromu lives, Enter can be rebooted infinitely.

Mission 49:
Title- N/A
Airs- 2/3/2013

Enter succeeded in copying RedBuster's data, transforming him into a "Black Red Buster." He fights the Go-Busters with overwhelming strength; and it seems Enter's evolution is entering its' final stage. Hiromu considers the only way to win is to fight in Hyperspace once again...

Mision 50 (Final Mission):
Title- N/A
Airs- 2/10/2013

In order to engage in the final battle with Enter, The Go-Busters finally force a transportation in Hyperspace once more

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