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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kyoryuger Villain Rumors

From Jefusion:

  • The villains will be called Deivos Army (Deivos Gun), a group created from part of "Deivos", whom they're now aiming to revive. They are led by the "100-Face Priest Chaos" (HyakumenShinkan Chaos). Other members include "War Knight of Anger, Dogold" (Ikari no SenKi Dogorudo), "War Knight of Joy, Candelilla" (Yorokobi no SenKi Kyandira), "War Knight of Sadness Aigaron" (Kanashimi no SenKi Aigaron), and "War Knight of Fun Luckyuuro" (Tanoshimi no SenKi Rakkyuuro).
  • Monsters of the week are called DeivoMonsters, while the Zouri Demons (Zouri Ma) will be the army's minions,
  • "Wise God Torin" (KenShin Torin) acts as the Kyouryuger's commanding officer/mentor.
  • KyouryuRed is called "King" by his friends, evidence of his charismatic attitude.

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