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Monday, January 28, 2013

New Super Hero War Z Pics

From Henshin Justice:

The villains this time is the evil army, Space Shocker with monsters from all over the universe. Earth’s heroes have to gather their strength and defeat the evil villains. Super-1 and Meteor will fight alongside and do a Space Rider Double Kick!!
Gavan exclaims that in order to protect the peace of outer space, he needs to defeat Wizard. But why!? Yuma Ishigaki will return as Geki Jumonji, who can transform into Space Sheriff Gavan.

Beast VS Sharivan, why would heroes of justice be fighting each other!? The new team, Kyoryuger will also be in this movie. Ikadevil, from the original Kamen Rider, will be receiving a new remade suit and will be known as Space Ikadevil in this movie.

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