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Monday, January 28, 2013

New Kamen Rider Wizard Pics

From Henshin Justice:
The White Wizard appears before Haruto, and together they create the DragoTimer by using the power within his transformation rings. It’s a Magic Tool that powers up Wizard.

The DragoTimer is able to draw out WizarDragon’s full power, and lets Wizard use it. It also allows Wizard to split himself in 4 and fight with Flame Dragon, Water Dragon, Hurricane Dragon and Land Dragon at the same time. He doesn’t have to bring out all forms at once, he can simply choose to fight with 2 forms only if he ever wanted to.

The DragoTimer is also used to access the All Dragon form from Flame Dragon. All the elemental powers and parts of WizarDragon fuses with Flame Dragon. All Dragon is 3 times stronger and faster that the regular Wizard! He’s also able bring out even more from his magical rings. It’s also different from Special Rush in Ultimatum. Special Rush was created from Patrine’s magic instead.

Wizard and Beast’s rings are actually interchangeable! While fighting newer Phantoms, the two decides to switch rings. But what exactly will happen!?

The mysterious young man who appeared in episode 18 is actually the Gremlin Phantom, his human form goes by the name of Sora. Unlike other Phantoms, Gremlin doesn’t listen to Medusa and he seems to whatever he wants to. The Phantom to the left is Weretiger, he’s trying to make a Phantom out of Nitoh’s grandmother.

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