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Monday, December 2, 2013

New Gaim Toy Rumors

From RangerBoard:

ES 04 Orange Energy Lock Seed:

-Lock Seed used by Kamen Rider Gaim Shin (remember that it is rumored Gaim will have two Energy forms, Orange and Melon)

SG Lock Seed Another:

-SG set that comes with the following lock seeds- AS-00 Kyukon (Bulb?), AS-01 Lime, AS-02 Muscat, AS-03 Yashi (Coconut), Kamen Rider Kabuto

DX Kamen Rider Raimu (雷武) Face Plate:
-Comes with Lime Lock Seed (transformation phrase is "Brai-A-Live")
-Kamen Rider Raimu can transform into Kamen Rider Brai by "reversing" the Sengoku Driver

DX Muscat Lock Seed:
-Lock Seed for Kamen Rider Kojan (虎雀)

DX Yashi Lock Seed:

-Another Giant Arms, similar to Suika

Kamen Rider Duke (Lemon Energy Arms)

Kamen Rider Sigurd (Cherry Energy Arms)

Kamen Rider Marika (Peach Energy Arms)

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