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Friday, December 20, 2013

New Kyoryuger Pics + Behind the Scenes Photo!

From Jefusion:

Is that Deathryuger??

Dantetsu somehow managed to acquire the GigaGabrevolver and able to transform into KyoryuSilver. And, he seems to be allied with the Deboth Legion. What's happening in here?!

And above images shows the new members of the Deboth Legion led by the revived Space Dark Species Absolute God Deboth. Resentful Knight Endolf returns after being entrapped inside Dogold's body. Of course, we still see Thousand-Faced High Priest Chaos who seems to be upgraded into a more powerful monster. Lastly, the new members: the New Joyful Knight Kilbrero and the New Sorrowful Knight Aisurondo.

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