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Monday, December 2, 2013

New Tokkyuger Rumors

From RangerBoard:

Nothing's confirmed, but here's the interesting bullet points from the article:

-The next Super Sentai project on Tv-Asahi will have a train motif

-A Super Sentai show not only for children and hero fans will be born; but one that attracts railroad otaku as well

-Various railroad elements will be incorporated

-Names of the rangers will be something like "TokkyuIchigo", "TokkyuNigo", etc.; instead of colors like the current Sentai

-To transform, the Tokkyuger use electronic train tickets

-When riding on their mecha/giant robots, the Tokkyuger scan their electronic tickets at train stations. There's a chance that the tickets could run out of charge/funds.

-The article comments on how marketable trains are, and talks about Kamen Rider Den-O's low ratings but unbelievable toy sales. It also mentions Satoh's success post Kamen Rider.

-Railroad otaku will buy anything train related when it comes to collectibles, so the toyline is not only going to be marketed towards the Sentai fans.

-Collaboration will be carried out with real railroad companies, and there's a possibility of the Tokkyuger trains to appear in real life, on train tracks in Japan, for special tour packages. The tours would be marketed towards kids, adults, and train fans.

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