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Friday, December 20, 2013

Tokkyuger Scans

From HeroTaku:

This picture shows TokkyuOh in all its pentachromatic glory. Also included are very rough outlines and archetypical outlines of the Tokkyuger's characters. Tokkyu 1 is energetic and has the strongest imagination. Tokkyu 2 is straight-laced and overthinks things. Tokkyu 3 is 'proper'. Tokkyu 4 is calm and very rarely panics, looking for opening in the enemy's attacks. Finally, Tokkyu 5 is energetic and enjoys playing roles, her belief in this becomes her power. The Tokkyugers protect the Rainbow Line which travels around the Earth from the evil army of the Shadow Line.

Premieres February 16, 2014

This page is devoted to the Tokkyuger's equipment introducing the concept of the Ressha, their weapon the TokkyuBlaster, the TokkyuChanger, TokkyuOh, and the TokkyuBuckle and Rainbow Pass. What the pass and buckle do is left unrevealed.

s always the Tokkyugers will appear in the their predecessors team-up film, namely Kyoryuger VS Go-Busters. The page hints at their surprising fighting style, probably the colour switching gimmick.

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