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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kamen Rider 2014 Rumors

From Orends Range:

Here was the first rumor:
"The name of the next Rider is Kamen Rider Succeed, his helmet has a crown design, with the crown having a "crack". The color of the new Rider is red and silver. The name seems to be derived from the act of "succeeding to the throne."

Kamen Rider Succeed is a pun on the word "saku", which means "to slice" and seed. The hero is a rumored to be a college agricultural and biotech student, and his leading lady is a flower shop assistant. It is rumored that there would be a giant robot called Plantroid.

Here's the latest with a sketch:
Kamen Rider Break looks somewhat a cross between Iron Man and Kamen Rider Eternal. Base color is yellow and has circular things aroung his joints and ears. It is rumored that actor Ryosuke Yamamoto will play the said hero.

The show's theme is based on breakdancing, music and the paranormal "white noise" phenomenon. Kazuo aka Kamen Rider Break (played by Ryosuke Yamamoto) is a ghost with an "inner rhythm" but no memory of living. Moves through sound to possess people through headphones who he resonates with. It is said that he will possess Shunpei in the Kamen Rider Wizard film for his debut.

Rakuto Tochihara, best known for his role as Asumu Adachi in Kamen Rider Hibiki will play a supporting role as a possessed civilian. In the show, Kazuo possess the bodies of multiple people who join together to find his identity.

When inside a body, Kazuo can use sound energy to summon a belt and transform using a Soul Disc and a special dance. These discs are based on a Yokai and a dance style.

The forms are called Grooves, the Gumokapo Groove is based on Tsuchigumo & Capoeira is the Rider's base style in which can grow extra legs for his attacks. By hitting buttons on his body in a special order allow him to perform special abilities. One of his alternate forms is the Kitsusarusa Groove, which is based on Kitsune & Salsa.

Soul Discs are scanned in the D-D-Driver, which is voiced by Rica Matsumoto. The belt will sing once the Soul Discs are placed in the center. Rica Matsumoto will also sing the ending theme for the Gumokapo Groove.

The monsters of this series are called Boogies, ghosts that have lost their "inner rhythm" and appear from sound-transmitting devices. Break uses blank Soul Discs like chakrams for him to capture defeated Boogies and turn it into a new Soul Discs. Some of which he can use to summon Boogies in battle.

Also, he has a disc-shaped shield that can reflect sound back at the enemies. Speaking of which, he flips Soul Discs onto opposite side to use finishing moves and enters combination on the "Beat Joints" buttons on his body. Gumokapo Groove Finisher involves an eight-legged spinning Rider Kick.

The second Rider is named Caron, a pun on the word "car" and Charon. He uses a scythe that has a loop-de-loop like a toy race track in which he use to launch the souls of the dead to the world of the living. A French aristocrat ghost named Cargot is his main partner. Appears early as foe, hunts down Kazuo and other ghosts to put them at rest.

Honestly this sounds pretty interesting. I'd totally be down for a dancing themed Rider. If it does turn out to be true, then we are bound to have: Super Hero Taisen: DANCE BATTLE!!!!! Lmao, but I seriously hope we get a dancing themed Rider.


  1. This sounds very cool I'm sad to hear that it's not true this is like the third rumor I've heard that was really awesome toei needs to start listening to people....

    1. I know man, I would have loved to see this