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Monday, June 3, 2013

Kyoryuger Movie Plot

From Henshin Justice:

The super idol, Mikoto Amano (Shizuka Nakamura), more known as Meeko, is holding a concert and for some reason it’s crowded with Zorima. Fortunately, the Kyoryuger’s appear to save the day. It turns out that Daigo once met Meeko in France. Before they can catch up, the ancient knight Deathryuger, aka D, appears and kidnaps her. D’s goal is to use the secret legendary battery, labeled with a zero, to take control of the mysterious Tobaspino.
Mamoru Miyano (Ultraman Zero, Gundam 00) will voice an unknown character.
The movie is written by Riku Sanjo and directed by Koichi Sakamoto. It will premiere August 3 in Japan.

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