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Monday, June 24, 2013

New Kyoryuger Rumors

From Alpha Heroshock:

Doctor Ulshade was conducting researches on an asteroid the Deboth Army partially destroyed. He was the first to fight alongside Torin in the modern age, meaning he wouldn’t be a Spirit Ranger because he’s alive.

We would also have an explanation of : Why the Spirit Rangers don’t use a Gaburevolver?

Answer : Ulshade created them. Being a contemporary man, it is normal the oldest Rangers (with the exception of Utchi) couldn’t use his inventions. He’s also a weapon and Zyuden Arm (GabutyraFang, etc…) expert.

If Ulshade is such an important man and if is still alive, why isn’t he part of the team? The answer would be he wanted a quiet and peaceful life, so he left.

In today’s episode, Tessai told Ramirez that Plezuon « won’t be a problem » (but the real challenge would be to find Bragigas).

Let’s have a little reminder about Plezuon. He’s a three-step transforming Zyudenryu : Zyudenryu Mode of course, Rocket Mode and then Plezu-Oh (Robot Mode).

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