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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Wizard Scans

From Herotaku:

Kamen Rider Mage and her awesome Ring

Using the Common(?) Wizard Ring, Mage also gains access to her own WizarSwordGun

This page reiterates that White Wizard has his own motives for making Haruto Wizard and shows him using a variety of Rings. Using 'Chain' he'll chain up a young boy, and using 'Connect' he can summon his weapon, the Harmel Cane(?). Which he promptly uses to fight Beast

There will be two new Phantoms, Siren and Sphinx. Siren will battle Wizard Flame Dragon, while Sphinx will battle Beast Hyper

Sorcerer's Wizard Rings; Sorcerer - Used to transform; Common - Which apparently has a variety of effects.; Create - Formerly known as 'Fabulous Rainbow Tornado' it can be used to shape the world as you please, doubtless involved in Sorcerer's plan; Final Strike - Sorcerer's Finisher

Mages, in the movie, have access to the RideScraper. A broomstick like vehicle/weapon. Also seen here is the Flower Wizard Ring

'Blast' is as its name suggests a blast of magical energy, which may or may not be caused by the Common Wizard Ring

'Dupe' is Sorcerer's Copy equivalent and created duplicates of the Rider

'Lightning' is Sorcerer's version of the 'Thunder' Ring. Lightning is probably more accurate a name

'Reflect' is capable of reflecting and enemy's attacks. Similar to 'Defend'

There's also this silhouette which, for once, is something we haven't seen before. It looks to be a version of combination of Infinity Style and All Dragon, possibly appearing in either the movie or the final episodes of the show

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