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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

More Kyoryuger Movie Info

From RangerBoard:

Meeko is actually a direct descendant of an ancient superhuman race, she inherited a special power that can be activated through song. By singing, she's able to awaken the hidden Tobaspino.
D knows this and kidnaps her to force her into reviving Tobaspino. Deathryuger is an evil Kyoryuger and is Tobaspino's partner, albeit forced.
His weapon is a boomerang-shaped magic flute. He disrupts justice with his evil and dark tunes. D is voiced by Mamoru Miyano.

Lamunea (Misaki Momose) is a DinoGirl working for D. She always speaks in a cutesy manner and fights without weapons. Her name comes from the Japanese word "mune" which means chest.
Ashy, just like Lamunea, is also a DinoGirl working for D. Dressed in black and is the "sexier" one out of the two DinoGirls. Her fighting style is based around kicking and swordplay. Her name comes from the word "ashi" meaning leg.

In the trailer, D says "Forced Snapping Combination" (kyosei kamitsuki gattai).

Also, there's going to be 8 songs in the movie. One of them is even written by Riku Sanjo.
New songs include,
Dino Soul written by Riku Sanjo, performed by Shizuka Nakamura (Meeko)
Snapping Brave - Daiki Ise
Tremble With Fear~Theme of D~ - Kimeru
The Heart of the Cracked World - Haruka Tomatsu, Yu Mizushima and Ai Orikasa (Canderilla, Aigallon, Luckyuro)
Papaya Suzuki is the dance choreographer

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