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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Kyoryu Grey Info

From RangerBoard:

-The Clashing Hero (Gekitotsu no Yuusha), KyouryuGrey, is a Spirit from 1500 years ago; a warrior from a Kenpou House named "TieSui" (my best guess at the Chinese reading, Japanese reading maybe Tessai. Kanji is 鉄砕)

-From the get go, he appears and transforms, taking on the rangers with his TessaiKen (Iron Breaking Fist) and his "Gekiretsu Toppa" technique (Violet Break Through). His motives are to increase the strength of the 6 rangers.

-Moreover, Grey can also handle magic. He's also a rather hardheadded person (get it?), and likewise, headbutting is his specialty

-Kyouryujin Kungfu can also use the "Gekiretsu Toppa" attack

-DinosGrounder will act as KyouryuGold's Armed On Form, giving him access to shovels and digging power

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