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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Kamen Rider Wizard Pics

From Herotaku:

More powerful Phantoms (or super-powered Phantoms as the scans call it) will be appearing soon. The example shown here is Bahamut, a Phantom so strong that not even 4 Wizard Dragon Styles can defeat him.

The next page brings the revelation that Wizard and Beast will work together to kick the Sylph Phantom, a Phantom which can control the wind. Beast will also be finally getting a bike. Turns out that Nitou was quite good at mountain biking in the past, and chose to combine this with his new hobby of (occasional) Phantom killing,

We'll soon be learning of the identity of White Wizard, he's in fact a mysterious man by the name of Fueki. Fueki appeared in front of Wajima to ask him to make Wizard Rings in the past, and he does so again resulting in a mysterious new Wizard Ring (the powers and name of which are unknown). White Wizard will also attack Beast Hyper. Just, because.

Before he became Wizard, Haruto's dream was to become a professional Football player, a dream he had to give up when he became Wizard. However this will reappear in the upcoming episodes. Also reappearing is Mayu, who now has her own Driver and Rings and can become a Wizard. Eagle-eyed reader should be able to see that she's wearing a White Wizard Driver and has Driver On and Mage Rings, so it's likely she'll look like a bit like Mage.

In the Wizard Summer Movie, now seemingly titled "Kamen Rider Wizard The Movie: In Magic Land" a Golden Wizard will suddenly appear, called Kamen Rider Sorcerer, who will transport Haruto to Magic Land, where it seems lots of crazy stuff will happen. Apparently in Magic Land randomers will be able to transform into Kamen Rider Mage. There'll also be the Geburi Phantom.

As can be expected, Wizard will do battle with Sorcerer, who lives in a castle in Magic Land, and it appears Beast will also battle Medusa. While this is going on Rinko will ride a broomstick.

And finally, this page basically just rounds up the points we've learned today: 1). A evil Kamen Rider called Kamen Rider Sorcerer, who transforms with the Sorcerer Wizard Ring and transports Haruto to Magic Land. 2). Everybody who lives in Magic Land can transform into Kamen Rider Mage. 3). They'll be lots of new Rings in the movie.

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