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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More Super Megaforce Filming Pics!

From Jason David Frank's Instagram and Fan Page, Alison MacInnis, Sean Cw Johnson, and Jason Faunt's Twitter, as well as Namihei's Blog (Stunt and Suit actor for PR), with some videos that were posted on Vine!!

Tommy meets Gosei

JDF and his daughter

JDF practicing some kicks

Early morning shoot

Tommy and Saba reunited!

 Pay attention to the left side where Alison and Sean are walking because you can see the Titanium Ranger!
 A car on the edge of a cliff I'm guessing, with Tommy to save the day?
JDF in the make up room

JDF posing like a badass

JDF, Sean Cw Johnson, and Jason Faunt back in the states from a safe landing

Sean and Alison in their suits with the rest of the returning Veterans in the background

Sup killa?

All the veterans enjoying time off

JDF just looking like a boss

Tommy and the Ranger Keys!!

JDF with a script in his hands

JDF and Koichi Sakamoto!

Reggie Rolle, Jason David Frank, and Hector David Jr. in... Forever Green!!!

More JDF kicks

Hector David Jr. and JDF

Sean Cw Johnson

Pink Turbo Ranger and a crew member

Another pic of the boys back in the states

Sean Cw Johnson

Alison MacInnis, Danny Slavin, Sean Cw Johnson, and Hector David Jr.

Jonathan Tzachor choking JDF Bahahaha!!!! This picture will spawn many memes to come lol.

Koichi Sakamoto

Koichi Sakamoto with the Stunt Crew. The suits are blurred out, but we all know what suits they are ;)

JDF holding the Red Zeo and Black Dino Ranger helmets

JDF and his family at Ernie's

JDF and his family with Gosei

JDF and his family

JDF in suit with his family

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