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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Power Rangers Super Megaforce Confirmed Cameos!!

From RangerCrew:

Fury Diamond of Ranger Crew just posted this moments ago:

"I got off the phone with my source with a fun list of confirmed cameos. I am waiting confirmation for the final one. They said that only 10 members were confirmed. I don't know whether they are planning for additional cameos since several cast members are still waiting for confirmation / uninvites."

Jason David Frank
Danny Slavin
Melody Perkins
Reggie Rolle
Selwyn Ward
Sean Johnson
Hector David Jr
Brittany Pirtle
Jason Faunt

I am very excited for this! Danny Slavin, Melody Perkins, and Sean Cw Johnson returning? We haven't heard from them in awhile! Plus the Samurai Cast returning is an obvious plus. Not to mention the man, they myth, the legend: Jason... David... Frank!


  1. hey dude... off topic question but i saw youre from long island, me too... have you found ANYWHERE in new york where you can buy Kamen Rider stuff at all?

  2. Best bet is the city my man, Chinatown is where you can find most Toku stuff, but the prices are kinda high.