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Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Veteran Rangers are Headed to New Zealand!!

The 10 Veterans are headed to New Zealand as this post has been made. Here are some pictures of them in first class:

Jason Faunt

Alison MacInnis

Jason Faunt and Brittany Anne Pirtle

Hector David Jr.

Allison MacInnis is the Last Confirmed Ranger!!!

Here is the list of confirmed Rangers flying over to New Zealand:

Jason David Frank – Tommy Oliver (Green Ranger, White Ranger, Red Zeo Ranger, Red Turbo Ranger, Black Dino Ranger)
Danny Slavin – Leo Corbett (Red Galaxy Ranger)
Melody Perkins – Astronema / Karone (Pink Galaxy Ranger)
Reggie Rolle – Damon Henderson (Green Galaxy Ranger)
Selwyn Ward – T.J. Johnson (Red Turbo Ranger, Blue Space Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson – Carter Grayson (Red Lightspeed Ranger)
Hector David Jr – Mike (Green Samurai Ranger)
Brittany Pirtle – Emily (Yellow Samurai Ranger)
Jason Faunt – Alex  / Wes Collins (Red Time Force Ranger)
Alison MacInnis – Dana Mitchell (Pink Lightspeed Ranger)

With the exception of:

Alex Heartman – Jayden Shiba (Red Samurai Ranger)
Jason Smith – Casey Rhodes (Red Jungle Fury Ranger)

Who have already filmed their cameos/episode.

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