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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kyoryuger Episodes 16-19 featuring Kyoryu Grey!

From Alpha Heroshock:

Brave 16: Mogu Mogun! Ore no Takaramono! 
Mogu Mogun! My Treasure! 

This episode should revolve around Deinosgrander, the 12th Guardians, who would be Utchi’s treasure. 

Brave 17: Gachi-daze! KyoryuGrey!
He’s Elegant! KyoryuGrey! 

The 8th Brave, KyoryuGrey, will make his first apparition as well as his partner Bunpachy ! The episode may feature Ramirez again, because in his last episode he clearly said he was about to find Bunpachy. 

Brave 18 : Tsukan da! Kungfu Hissatsu Ken!
Let’s Use It! Kungfu’s Secret Technique! 

To those who follow the news, the title says it all. The episode will see the debut of Kyoryuzin Kungfu ! 

Brave 19 : Kyawain! Ubawareta Family!
It’ch Too Cyute! Stolen Family!


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